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who we are

At The Whole Performance, we offer two things most other clinics can't:

1. Longer appointments you need and desire to reach and sustain your goals faster and smarter

2. Multiple services and disciplines in one appointment at a discounted rate

The Whole Performance provides the full approach of care catering to your pain and performance using a unique blend of sports medicine, sports chiropractic, physical therapy, fitness training, and nutrition in one location that you can't find in standard practices. We strive to go above and beyond for those in pain and those who want to reach optimal performance by giving the time and attention needed for each and every patient to reach their goals faster and smarter. Each evaluation and appointment is thorough and unique to the individual's needs and goals. Whether you're in pain, want to get to the next level of your performance, or want to improve your health, we strive to exceed your expectations using as many services needed to get you there.

how it works




We want to know where your problem came from so we can get you back to doing what you love. Whether you want to live a healthier lifestyle, prevent injuries, mend aches/pains, resolve chronic injuries, run your first 5K, lose weight, or reach a new level of fitness or athletic performance, we have the tools to get you there.






We evaluate the body as a WHOLE to understand where your problem areas really stem from. This is found by assessing functional movement patterns, athletic drills, orthopedic testing, strength, mobility, motor control, gait analysis, motion palpation, and more. This extensive evaluation helps us know how to optimize your treatment or training most effectively.





Whether you need maintenance adjustments or comprehensive care with multiple services of chiropractic, physical therapy, nutrition, and fitness, we will form an individualized plan to address your specific needs and goals. Our appointments are high quality, patient centered, and provide more one-on-one time than traditional clinics. 

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