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your all-inclusive pain & performance center

multiple disciplines.

one approach.

Sports Medicine
physical therapy/rehab
fitness/sports training
nutrition coaching

Whether you want to recover from pain and injury or get to the next level of fitness or wellness, The Whole Performance provides a multi-specialty, holistic approach in each visit to help you reach your goals faster and smarter while avoiding unnecessary drugs, injections, and surgery.

why us?

1. Multiple Services & Specialties

Instead of seeing multiple providers with multiple appointments and copays, we provide it all in each appointment so your areas of concern get the optimal care and attention you deserve.

2. Chosen Quality Time

No short or rushed appointments. Choose between 15-90 minute appointments so all that of your needs and goals can be addressed effectively using multiple specialties and services.

3. highly Individualized care

We provide extensive evaluations so your care is highly unique to your specific needs. We reverse-engineer your problem areas so you get out of pain and reach your goals faster and smarter.

4. cost efficient without add on fees

We are the best bang for your buck. You spend one fee for the appointment you select with everything included. It's like seeing multiple providers all in one without the additional copays or add on fees. 

5. Relatable and Knowledgable

Because we've been where you are, we understand your frustrations better than most. This was motivation for us to be more for our patients so we can help and educate those who need and deserve better care.

smarter movement.

faster recovery.

better results.

greater athletes.

Cross Fit Class




Rock Climber

injured or have unresolved pain?

active or have athletic goals?

Meet the doc who understands


dr. brit maclennan

dc, ccsp, ms, cscs, pn1

Doctor of Chiropractic

Certified Chiropractic Sports Practitioner

Master of Sports Rehab

Strength, Conditioning, & Performance Specialist

Certified Nutrition Coach

Four year D1 collegiate athlete


Dr. Brit provides the full approach to pain and performance using her unique blend of specialties in each patient-centered appointment. Using multiple fields of expertise she looks deeper into the root causes of pain patterns, injury, and suboptimal performance that can stem from muscle imbalance, joint dysfunction, motor control limitations, and compensated movement. Instead of using just one form of health care she utilizes all of her degrees and certifications to provide multiple disciplines and services while also spending more quality time with patients so she can find the best resolution people are truly needing and deserving.

Brit truly relates to those who are hurting or wanting to excel in their performance. From a young competitive soccer player to a four year D1 collegiate athlete, her career had continual set backs as she battled unresolved chronic pain and injury even after seeing several doctors for 20 years. Her disappointment and frustration motivated her to create a greater impact in the health and performance fields so people get better care, feel their optimal best, and excel in athletics. Because she understands where you've been better than most, she's driven to take you to the next level of health and performance with a heightened experience of quality care you're deserving.

not just part of your recovery.

we are the whole performance.

what people are saying

"Before meeting Dr. Brit I had tried chiropractors, physical therapists, and cortisone injections. I still had severe pain so I was scheduled for back surgery.  After 2 visits with Dr. Brit I felt 80% improvement. I cancelled my surgery and because of her I have been pain free for over a year. She has magic in her hands. I can't be more grateful for her."

-Dan E.

"Dr. Brit is an amazing practitioner. She is empathetic and listens to her patients to figure out the best course of action based on the individual needs. Both my husband and I have seen Brit multiple times. She personalized our treatment plans so I know that she does not use a one size fits all program. She has dramatically improved my life. Before I met her, I could barely sleep through the night. Now I can get a full night's sleep with no problem. In addition, if I come in with a new symptom, she evaluates it and modifies my treatment plan to address the issue. 


As a competitive volleyball player I was having several shoulder injuries that kept me sidelined. Dr. Brit explained where my problems were really coming from. She adjusts, massages, and shows you exercises that will help you heal fast! She's the best I've ever been to."



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