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New patients


We are so glad you're here! If you have never been to The Whole Performance or have never been seen by Dr. Brit at another clinic, you will need to schedule a New Patient appointment. You can do this online or if you have further questions you can call/text (720) 397-1040 or email



Your first appointment will include a private consultation, evaluation, and potential treatment. With a thorough evaluation including movement screening and testing, Dr. Brit will find where the causes and culprits to your issue(s) lie so you can have the proper treatment provided moving forward. You will be recommend the best course of action specific to your needs in order for you reach your goals faster with greater care. Your plan may include just chiropractic care or it may include an all-inclusive approach including physical therapy/sports rehab, trigger point dry needling, myofascial release, and/or sports medicine. 


Schedule online or by calling, texting, or emailing. Once your first appointment is scheduled you will have new patient intake forms emailed to you. Please have them filled out and submitted prior to your appointment. This can all be done online. 



2594 S Lewis Way Unit D is located in the Northeast corner off of Morrison and Kipling in Lakewood, CO.

Unit D is located next door to State Farm with a south facing entrance. Once you are inside take a seat if the waiting room door is closed. If it is open you can walk into the gym/rehab room where Dr. Brit will meet you. 

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