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mobile options

Don't want to drive or have too busy of a schedule? The Whole Performance offers a mobile option of service where Dr. Brit comes TO YOU! Meet her at your home, the field, or at work. This option is best for those who have busy schedules, are far from the office, or have young ones at home with no one to watch. Schedule just for you or add a friend or family member to meet us in one location for just one mobile fee. 

Mobile fees

0.1-5 miles: $15

5.1-10 miles: $20

10.1-15 miles: $25

15.1-20 miles: $30

Mobile appointments are for existing or referred patients only. Your first new patient appointment must be made at the office. Appointments for one trip must total a minimum of 30 minutes and may include any or all services for 1 or more patients. Scheduling cannot be done online and must be through The Whole Performance via call/text/email based on availability. 

 call/text to schedule


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