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food is medicine

Nutrition coaching is designed for those wanting to lose weight, attain wellness, prevent disease, or improve athletic performance.

Because everyone is in a different place in their health journey, every plan is unique and individualized based on your need and goal. This is not a fad or diet for short term weight loss. Whether you need simple guidance on food choices, restrictions, and eliminations or you need help in combating your biggest battles when dealing with food, you will be supported and guided step by step with someone who has been where you are. 


Disclaimer: If you have any current condition or autoimmune related condition please contact us to see if Functional Medicine with Dr. Rian is a better option. 


Outside Dinner

nutrition coaching session options


nutrition consult

60 minutes

We will go over your current habits, diet history, past attempts, goals, and problem areas so we can concentrate on new solutions that will set you up for life. Everyone is unique and has different needs, which is why our individual planning is so critical. Whether you want to lose fat, gain muscle, reach higher performance, or attain wellness, we will find your unique plan of action so it can be your last "diet plan" you'll ever need.

check ins

30 minutes each


1/ month

30 minute check in sessions 1/month to keep you accountable, make changes, and reach your goals.

2/ month

30 minute check in sessions 2/month

4/ month

30 minute check in sessions 4/month

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